This Page provides links to the products you see me use on the site. These are products that I personally endorse. I have provided links for you to buy these products at our sponsor websites. I hope you will click and buy them. Making a purchase from our sponsors helps keep free of charge and has allowed us to add to the number of free videos that we provide.

Wet Platinum Lubricant - This is my favorite personal lubricant because it lasts a really long time and doesn’t get dry or sticky. It does clean up easily though, you just use soap and water and it disappears. I like it a lot.

The My First Vibrator - This was actually my first vibrator. It is powerful, fairly quiet and inexpensive. Buying a woman this vibrator also says the right thing. Whether or not is is really her first vibrator, the fact that you assumed it was is kinda cute. I suggest you start with this one.

The G-Spot Vibrator - If your partner likes a lot of g-spot stimulation, then consider buying her this g-spot vibrator. It is also fairly inexpensive and it works really well.

The Rabbit Vibrator - They make a bunch of different kinds of rabbit vibrators. I have the Jack Rabbit, which is shown here. Mine is a fairly inexpensive one, they make much, much nicer ones. Sometime I will upgrade mine to one of the luxury ones. Don’t tell him though, I don’t want him to get jealous.

Thanks again for visiting and thanks in advance for shopping with our sponsors.